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Each personalized glass ball ornament is made for order. These personalized ornaments are very good for decorating gifts. Color of ball glass and color of modern calligraphy have been used by decorators to give each glass ball a modern look. Style of ornament is different for each tie. Each ornament is approximately 0.3mm in diameter.

Ball Glass Colors:

These personalized ornaments are very famous for having a variety of colors. Color list is quiet long. But most of the colors which these balls have are white, Christmas green, emerald green and yellow gold.

Calligraphy Colors:

Calligraphy colors mostly used are gold, silver, bronze, white, red orange, green, lime, blue navy, purple, and pink, black, brown.

Ornament Tie:

Fabric rag tie, twine, baker’s twine ribbons are used for these personalized ornaments.

Awesome Combination:

Gold on white ornaments with a tartan ribbon is very good combination for this ornament.

Handmade Ornament:

Moisture and high temperature may affect the finish .For this dry cloth to clean surface has been used by decorators .This is because it is a handmade ornament.

When order in Multiple Ornaments:

If someone orders of more than one ornament, then he should keep in mind that all the ornaments should be not of same style .He can also purchase ornament of different colors and style. For this variety of personalized ornaments can be enjoyed.


This hand grafted lass ornament is heirloom quality because it is packed with multiple layers of sealer. All papers are wrapped in tissue papers to protect the art work. Each glass ornament is placed in individual gift box.